Some new products/brands on my radar

Photo by ANDI WHISKEY on Unsplash

I am particularly biased towards products with vegan formulations and sufficient quantity of active ingredients. Currently my routine comprises of a combination of Aroma Magic, Yves Rocher and Biotique products. However, I am always looking for new brands with innovative formulations. If those are made to order or made in small batches, that’s cherry on cake. Following is a list of brands on my radar (not affiliated with any of them or sponsored by any of them):

Love Organically

Image Source

I found their range of face packs interesting. They are a dry mix of powdered herbs and there is different for each concern.

Greenberry Organics

Image Source

I haven’t used many activated charcoal products. I am eyeing this body wash gel because I think it’s good combination for body acne.

I want to try their TRIPHALA REVITALISING SHAMPOO WITH HENNA & SHIKAKAI because triphala is excellent topically for hair.

Pure Bubbles Soapery

I am curious about how this Niacinamide serum will fare open pores on my cheek.

I saved best for last. I want to try entire product range of Vilvah – shampoo, deo balms, flower waters, and goatmilk soaps.
That is all for today. It would take me around a month or two for finishing up my current stash. Depending upon the season, I will think about what to buy first then.

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