How to rejuvenate dull skin – III


Find first 2 parts of this series here : Part I & Part II

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I had written about nutritional supplements briefly in Part I but I realised that those play far more important role in skin health (and in general health). I will write about a bunch of supplements I have been consuming and some products I recently brought.

It is an ancient herb used in Ayurvedic Medicine for hair issues and for calming down mind.
I recently read that it boosts collagen production. For hair issues such as greying of hair and dandruff, Brahmi powder is used topically by adding it to hair oil.
I have ordered Brahmi Pearls from Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy and started consuming it. everyday.

Magnesium is important for muscle and joint functioning and also for sound sleep. I became aware of importance of magnesium after reading blog post by Dr Mark Hyman little over a year ago. I got magnesium citrate supplements from Unived and in first few doses itself experienced the benefits. My sleep quality improved so much. I finished one bottle and then discontinued. (I believe that supplements should not be continued for more than 2-3 months when taken OTC.) I am making sure to take magnesium-rich food in diet consciously since then.

Digestive Mix
This is would sound a bit odd but considering the fact that I believe great skin and hair start in gut, this shouldn’t come as surprise. Traditionally, in India, meals were followed with a spoonful of mix of fennel seeds, sesame seeds, jaggery/rock sugar, roasted coriander seeds etc. It’s aids in digestion. You can buy one at local grocery store. Or if you are not in India you can get from Conscious Foods – After Meal Digestive. I have got it quiet a few times, it tastes good.

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